Lock 4: Melody’s Song

I was three when I first met Genesis. He had wild copper hair and bright blue eyes that reminded me of the snow in winter. 

He was my best friend. Someone I never wanted to be without.

I was five when I first told him I was going to marry him. He agreed saying, “I already thought we were, Melodies.”

But, I was thirteen the first time he broke my heart by asking out a girl in our grade. It didn’t last; none of his girlfriends ever lasted.

Till I was seventeen and he asked me to be his. Telling me, “Every girl never lasts because I compare them to you. You’re my Melodies. You’re every melody in every song I’ve written.”

At the time I think he believed it… but now that statement is nothing but words once said.

I’m sure once upon a time he thought I’d always be his, but I never will again.

Because I was twenty-two when he broke my heart for the second time, and it was not even four months later when he broke my heart for the third and last time.

I was twenty-three when I found love again though.

But I knew I loved her at twenty-two, when I first heard her heartbeat.

My Cameron Belle.

She was perfect in every way from her chubby cheeks to her ten tiny toes.

The day she was born was the first day I realized I never needed Genesis because I had her. I had every part of him I ever needed, from his copper-colored hair to his witty personality.

She had it all, and she was perfect.

He would never see her perfection.

He didn’t deserve to see it.

And I’d be damned if he ever found out about her.


Available on August 23rd!

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